Dato’ Aliff Syukri recently posted a screenshot of his Bantuan Prihatin Nasional (BPN) application review status on his Instagram. Much to his dismay, it was revealed that he’s not eligible to receive the financial aid from the government.

Surprised, Aliff wrote that as an entrepreneur, the current situation has also impacted his business as well. The case is apparent as the overall sales for his product has shown significant decline following the Covid-19 outbreak.


“I’m very shocked knowing that my application wasn’t approved at all. I understand that during this difficult state, not only ordinary people are depressed, but as an SME industry entrepreneur, I was also affected in some way. This is even worst than the 1997 financial crisis,” the “Bobo Di Mana” singer opened.

He continued, “When this outbreak started spreading, my sales dropped by 90%; almost all businesses closed. I’m deeply saddened by this and I really hope that Malaysians can help the government to speed up the process to eradicate the coronavirus disease.”

Aliff further expressed his wish for the government to lend a hand to fellow businessmen like him as well. According to him, “Anyway, thanks a lot to my supporters who purchased my product – every little bit helps. I hope the government can reduce the tax for fellow SME entrepreneurs so that our burden will be eased.” 

Source: RotiKaya

Aliff’s sharing has in turn received tons of criticism from local netizens. Most of them slammed the D’Herbs founder’s action in applying for the financial aid. To top it off, they argued that Aliff is already rich and capable enough. Thus, he shouldn’t feel entitled for the financial relief.

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