The Movement Control Order has undoubtedly stopped many businesses from operating in order to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. However, frontliners are still heroically doing what they need to do to keep things going. Delivery services for food such as Food Panda and parcels such as J&T Express are among them.

The Red Zones (Areas with high rates of Covid-19 infections) are a cause for concern for authorities, citizens and delivery services. Recently, a J&T Express staff released some information pertaining to the state of delivery to red zones, revealing that they will not be delivering to them. Posted on the window of a J&T Express building, the handwritten note reveals the red zone affected areas in Malaysia announcing that they will stop deliveries to these areas.

This news was shared by @adilafarhanaali on Twitter.


The image on the left highlights the red zones that parcels will not be delivered to. Check out the image below:

However, it looks like the information provided in the handwritten note is not entirely accurate as J&T Express will still be providing delivery services to red zone areas.

J&T Express took to Facebook to address the release of the misleading news by its staff members. Read the full statement below:

J&T Express
Source: J & T Express (Facebook)

It is unclear what happened for the misleading news to be released but it looks like things are staying as it is for now. Although their services will still be provided to red zone areas, it looks like it may not be as efficient due to the restrictions surrounding it and it’s completely understandable. It’s best to be careful these days and it’s best to recognise the great work provided by the frontliners.


It is important to take note of the areas with high rates of Covid-19 infection. Here is an overview of the distribution of Covid-19 cases in Peninsular Malaysia:

Source: Malay Mail

For more information on J&T Express, click here.

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