Ever since the controversy surrounding fashion entrepreneur Vivy Yusof came to light, there has been a lot of discussion about her. This include the price of Vivy’s branded stapler, her personal lavish vacation trips, and even her business performance.

Well, a Facebook user named Jasmina Mokhtar, who claimed to be a former fan. She apparently used to follow the 33-year-old’s blog in the past and shared her own take on the issue. In her Facebook post, she main addressed the Malay community, especially those in the B40 and M40 groups.


She opened by writing, “I was Vivy’s fan. I followed her blog back when she was a student. She is from a rich family, no doubt. How many students could afford so many designer bags in a year. Then when she started her Fashion Valet business, I was like wow…this young girl is so good.”

“I was disappointed when she started to sell scarves with price ranging from RM600 to RM800. I was more disappointed witnessing those in M40 and B40 buying those products. Then she introduced a Duck Stapler, priced at RM75… and the same group of people buying it; Malays,”  Jasmina further added.

Disappointed with the attitude shown by a few Malay people, Jasmina further advised her followers to emulate the Chinese community’s approach in their expenditure. “My message to the Malays out there, especially from the B40 and M40 groups, please learn from the Chinese. Buy things according to your level of affordability, always put education first and teach your children on how to survive,” she continued in the post.

Source: Facebook

“Not to act as if you’re rich like Vivy. She’s legit rich since birth. Back in her student days she travelled in business class flights. She even stopped by a Dior store to purchase a handbag, the airline staff had to call her (so that she couldn’t miss the flight),” Jasmina shared.

Jasmina, who’s also a daughter of a CEO, revealed that she’s often taught by her father to support small businesses by buying their stuffs. “My dad used to encourage me to buy from small traders and reminded me not to ask for discount if the price is reasonable. But if I want anything with designer label, my dad would often consult my mom. And the answer was always “No”. 

“Once or twice my father ended up buying those things for me, with him telling me not to inform my mom. Back when I was a teenager, I’d always feel dissatisfied, especially with my mother. But as I grow older, now I truly understand,” she concluded.

Source: Facebook

To Jasmina’s point of view – you can always choose whether to buy or skip. Ask yourself if it’s a need or want…

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