The Gardenia bread has become a running joke among Malaysians about its hot commodity – so much so that a lorry carrying bread supply was stolen yesterday (Monday, 30th March).

NST reported that a Gardenia bread truck was reported missing at 7am from Jalan Petaling, Kuala Lumpur. Surprisingly, it appeared near Beris Meraga mosque in Kijal, Kemaman that same night at approximately 8pm.

Source: YouTube

An employee from the bread company had allegedly alerted social media of the incident, asking fellow netizens to be on the lookout for a stolen Gardenia truck. The vehicle was supposed to make deliveries to 15 different stores when someone drove it away. It is believed that Gardenia lodged a police report soon after.


What many can’t believe is the fact that the stolen truck ended up all the way in Terengganu. That’s not all – apparently all the bread in the vehicle were still there. Kemaman police chief Superintendent Hanyan Ramlan confirmed the discovery when contacted.

Prior to that, the lorry was used to distribute bread supply around Kuala Lumpur before the driver noticed that it went missing. Following that, the driver went to Dang Wangi police headquarters to lodge a report,” Hanyan Ramlan said.

The case has been handed over to Dang Wangi for further action and it’s being investigated under Section 379(a) of the Penal Code,” Hanyan Ramlan added.

Gardenia Bakeries KL confirmed that the truck is still in the possession of the police and will be cleaned and sanitised. Merchandise in the truck will be disposed.

Sources: NST, China Press.

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