Multi-talented starlet Erra Fazira recently made an appearance in the TV show “I Can See Your Voice Malaysia” that was aired last Sunday (22nd March).

During the show, the former “Miss Universe 1992” contestant decided to eliminate a singer just because her appearance wasn’t up to par. She ended up singing with a tone-deaf singer instead, much to everyone’s disappointment.

This also caught fellow celebrity Adibah Noor’s attention. Frustrated, Adibah recently threw some shady comments at the “Cinta Kolesterol” actress as well as the programme itself for allegedly body-shaming the poor participant due to her plus-sized physique.

The “Terlalu Istimewa” song took to Twitter, slamming Erra for pretending to adore the mysterious singer’s talent after she found out that she could sing well. Adibah further asked her followers to remember the starlet’s name after this.

It didn’t stop there! Adibah also criticised the show for often stereotyping the contestants and even called out the celebrities for favouring their appearance rather than talent. Her statement received widespread reactions from netizens alike.

In fact, most of them argued that the local version is far more different than the original one (Korean) which emphasised on real talent instead of putting unfair judgment based on looks. Additionally, some even labelled the show as “toxic”.

On the contrary, a few supporters came to Erra’s defence and pointed out that the singing programme is strictly for entertainment purpose only. For those interested, check out the some replies left by netizens as well as the full episode of the show below:

As for Erra’s case, she hasn’t even bothered to respond to Adibah’s statement online.

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