Former After School leader Kahi (가희) recently caused a stir for taking her kids to the beach, in spite of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The 40-year-old mummy previously posted a few photos of her children having fun in Bali, Indonesia on her Instagram. For those who don’t know, Kahi and her family are currently residing in the country.

Source: IG

Kahi then took to the social media to defend her action in taking the kids outside to play despite the concerning coronavirus pandemic. Kahi captioned, “I am so happy I get to run outside with my children in the fresh air while laughing. This is Bali. Everything outside our house is a playground.”


This has in turn brought about numerous negative remarks from netizens. In this case, the “Comeback You Bad Person” singer was slammed for her inconsiderate action in posting lighthearted photos of her family while the world is currently facing a crisis.

As a response to the massive backlash, Kahi removed the post from her Instagram and uploaded a statement to apologise for her thoughtless actions. “I couldn’t get my head straight so I set my account to private for a bit. I think I need to get it together. Please forgive my immature words. I am sorry to everyone disappointed in me. I am this immature and lacking,” Kahi wrote.

Source: IG

The post was deleted by Kahi soon after. Past posts of the former K-pop star at the beach with her children are also nowhere to be found as at time of writing.

Source: AllKpop.

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