Disney’s 2010 movie “Tangled” has started trending on social media again. Word has it that the animated film had a strange connection to the coronavirus crisis that’s going on.

Even Google tweeted out over the weekend that “what is the name of the kingdom in ‘Tangled'” had been a popular search over the past few days.

As you may know, “Tangled” tells the story of Princess Rapunzel who possesses magical long blond hair with healing properties. However, she gets kidnapped by Mother Gothel and is confined in an isolated tower in the village of … Corona.

Netizens online have been comparing Rapunzel’s lonely life inside the tower to being in quarantine. Not only was the Disney princess told that the dangerous world is life-threatening, but she was also forbidden to come in contact with anyone (besides Mother Gothel). The modern word we’re using now is social distancing.

This realisation, has in turn, probe fans to wonder if the animation had – in a way – “predicted” the Covid-19 outbreak a decade in advance. Social media users have been coming up with their theories on how Rapunzel was told to “quarantined” or “socially distant” for years on end.

There’s even an entire song dedicated to how Rapunzel spent her days alone in a castle. Even Glenn Slater, who wrote the lyrics for “Tangled”, took to Twitter to joke about not knowing that “corona” would lead to such social disruption.


He also suggested a few more suggestions you can do while in self-isolation.

Sources: The Hill, The Wrap.

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