There’s no doubt that Malaysians’ love for local snack Super Ring is indescribable. But can y’all believe that it’s actually very easy to earn cash just by selling them abroad?

Just ask Rabiatul Adilah Ibrahim. The local housewife recently shared her experience as an online trader on eBay with local portal mStar, where she spilled a few secrets, including her monthly income.

Source: mStar

According to her, Super Ring crackers are among the most demanded stuffs overseas, especially in the States! As y’all may know, the snack (price RM1.60 per packet) can sell for up to US$12 (RM50) in the country. Just imagine if she’s able to sell dozens of them? Feel free to do the math.


Besides the local snack, Adilah further added that people from overseas also demanded other stuffs like petai, tempe and also mosquito repellant. “There’s this one time, I received a request from people in Finland. They asked for 24 boxes of mosquito repellant. I was like, ‘Do they have a lot of insects out there?’ That’s one of the most unique things that I’ve sold,” the mother-of-3 was quoted as saying.

So, where did she get all those unique stuffs before selling them to these white people? As revealed by Adilah herself, she often purchase a large stock of the items from local supermarkets like Mydin and 99 Speedmart. She also resorts to online platforms such as Shopee.

Source: VOCKET

In regards to her earnings, Adilah said that after almost a year of getting involved in this business, she managed to earn up to RM4800 a month!

So, any tips to share with aspiring traders out there? “Everything that you do, do them whole-heartedly with consistent amount of effort,” the 40-year-old concluded the chat.

Source: VOCKET.

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