Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) has been on a roll making several appearances in local shows. Most recently, the Indonesian starlet was seen performing at the grand finale of “Puteri Indonesia 2020” last Friday (6th March).

However, a few netizens have been criticising the “Wanita Terbahagia” songstress. They claimed that BCL, who just lost her husband Ashraf Sinclair, has failed to comply with her period of iddah (observation). Therefore, they believe that it’s not appropriate for her to appear in public.

Source: Instagram via TribunNews

In response to that, two of Indonesia’s most famous Muslim preachers, Ustaz Munawir Ngacir and Ustaz Muhammad Nur Maulana, have step in to give their two cents on the matter. The former told Grid.id, “Generally, the specific period of iddah will last for 4 months. However, the duration itself may change depends on the condition of the family members left behind. For instance, if the wife is pregnant and expecting the birth of a baby.”


Additionally, Ustaz Maulana gave some explanation on his own understanding of the term iddah. “Actually, what is actually defined by the period of iddah doesn’t mean that the woman is locked up in her house, no!” 

He further added, “Instead, the term refers to the duration when you are prohibited from getting married until you’ve reached the end of the period. It doesn’t mean that you have to stay at home and wear all-black outfits all the time.”

Bunga Citra
Source: Liputan6

Ustaz Maulana further explained that Islam doesn’t encourage one to remain silent and mourn the passing of others. He even urged everyone to shower BCL as well as her family members, who are currently grieving over the loss, with continuous prayers of love and support.

Source: Murai.

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