Khadijah Abdul Rahman recently shared with her followers a few throwback photos of her grandson, Noah Sinclair, on her Instagram.

After returning to Malaysia, we can’t help but wonder if she’s been missing Ashraf Sinclair’s only child, who’s in Indonesia with his mommy Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL).


The first update shows a cute photo of Noah back when he was still a baby in his mother’s embrace. Khadijah accompanied the post of Noah smiling cheekily at the camera with hashtags “#muchlove”, “#lovingmummy”, “#nenawithyou” and “#omaalwaysthere”.

On to her next one, Khadijah posted a candid picture of the 10-year-old in his taqiyah (kopiah) on his head, reciting a prayer. Many netizens have been praising the youngster, saying that Noah’s good deeds takes after his late father a lot.

Khadijah then posted a throwback photo of Noah with her husband, Mohammed Anthony John Sinclair, taken during his 9th birthday celebration last year. The last photo shows herself with Noah hugging her from behind, along with the hashtag “#Nena (Grandma)”.

Awh! We miss Noah, too. We hope that he’s doing just fine out there with the rest of his family. ❤️

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