What is the difference between matcha and green tea?” – that was the question posed to us during the soft launch of Oh Cha Matcha last week.

Wait, aren’t they the same? We later learned that while green tea leaves often comes in the form of a tea bag, matcha is in powder form. Ahead of its launch, here are 6 things we like about this new boutique cafe:

1. The inspiration behind Oh Cha Matcha

What makes an excellent matcha? Curious to unravel the secret behind the benefits of consuming matcha, co-founder Choong Kar Heng set off on a journey to Japan last year and visited a bunch of farms to learn from the experts.

2. Integrating matcha with local ingredients

The “Drink Your Colours” menu features 11 different healthy drinks with various health benefits. Not only rich in colours, but these beverages come from natural ingredients where every colour has its own function.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Bentong Ginger, Turmeric Matcha: Reduces muscle pain and soreness, anti-inflammatory and reduce menstrual pain.
  • Pandan, Lemongrass, Matcha: Lowers high blood pressure, anti-inflammatory, eases nausea.
  • Chrysanthemum Matcha: Prevents Osteoporosis, prevents chronic illnesses, relaxes the nerve.
  • Purple Sweet Potato, Blue Spirulina, Matcha: Improves blood regulation, detoxes heavy metals, may lower risk of cancer.
  • Watermelon Matcha: Hydrates, prevents muscular degeneration, relieves muscle soreness.
  • Mango Matcha: Promotes eye health, healthy gut, antibacterial.

Our personal favourites were the Purple Sweet Potato and Watermelon flavours. Not only were the drinks refreshing, but the flavours blend perfectly with matcha as well. We also like the fact that an approximate calories intake is stated beside the drink order.

3. The Beauty Series and Coffee

In appealing to the crowd of health enthusiast, the Beauty Series also combines matcha with collagen as the latter is known to improve skin elasticity, relieve joint pain, boost muscle mass, promote heart health and prevent bone loss. Some of the options include Avocado Matcha and Rose Collagen Matcha.

Of course, coffee addicts can also choose between Matcha Latte, Hojicha Latte, and Genmaicha Latte. Genmaicha contains ingredients that not only boosts the immune system and lowers blood pressure, but also has the “theanine” kick to basically tell the your brain “to chill lah“.

4. Choose your alternative milk preference at no extra cost

As stated on their menu, matcha beverages are made with unsweetened soy milk and naturally sweetened with stevia. But if you have a different preference, feel free to choose from the list below:

  • Fresh milk
  • Unsweetened almond milk
  • Unsweetened cashew milk
  • Unsweetened coconut milk

5. DIY Traditional Ceremonial Matcha

A must-try for all matcha connoisseurs! You’ll get to whisk your own matcha using Oh Cha Matcha’s high grade powder and enjoy all that green goodness froth.

6. It’s also Instagrammable

No cafes would be attractive to the younger crowd if it weren’t Instagram-worthy. Oh Cha Matcha combines green and pink nicely, giving off a cute and vibrant vibe when you enter the boutique cafe.

Details to Oh Cha Matcha are as follows:

  • Location : 130, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur
  • Contact: 03-77320397
  • Opening hours: 7am – 11pm daily
  • Launch date: 16th March 2020

For more info, go here.

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