Indonesian singer Cupi Cupita has gaining widespread recognition because of her body. This came after a photo of the 28-year-old starlet’s appearance in a local variety show made its way online recently.

In this case, the spotlight is on Cupi’s white top and her large pair of breasts. Many netizens have pointed out that the shape of her boobs look rather different from other women.

Cupi Cupita
Source: Instagram

As aforementioned, the comments section has in turn been bombarded with hateful and shameful remarks targeting the singer and her unusual boob size. Some even compared her two breasts to balloons and made other insensitive remarks.


Other highlighted comments include:

  • “That’s not her boobs, that’s her stomach getting fat!”
  • “Her breasts are like balloons being filled with water.”
  • “I literally can’t imagine what will happen when she grows older.” 
  • “Your boobs are sagging towards your tummy just like hantu gombel (Javanese mythological creature)”
Source: Twitter

Before this, the “Goyang Basah” hit-maker expressed her disappointment towards people who took extreme measures in criticising her boobs size. “I don’t understand why everyone said my breasts are big. I think the size is normal enough for me. So, I have no idea why people would point that out,” Cupi told Okezone.

Cupi also said that there are tons of benefits for having large-sized breasts. For example, she often use her boobs as a store to keep her stuffs. “I’m a simple person. I don’t even bring my handbag around. I keep my things at my boobs,” she said in an interview with Uya Kuya.

Cupi Cupita
Source: WowKeren

She also insists that her large boobs are homegrown and not from getting a boob job.

Source: WowKeren.

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