Dayang Nurfaizah recently confessed that she’s getting upset after being frequently asked about marriage.

According to the 39-year-old, her busy schedule as an entertainer might be the main cause of her decision of putting to halt her plans on getting married in the near future.

Source: mStar

“I know it’s getting boring… But I fully understand since I’m a woman and the fact that I’m getting older. It makes me feel sad in a way that people keep asking the same question. All this time, I’ve never thought about getting married, I was too busy with my career,” clarified Dayang.


Additionally, the “Tak Pernah Menyerah” songstress admitted that her extremely hectic schedule in the entertainment scene has made her hesitant to walk down the aisle. “Maybe due to my work, and also the current situation. It concerns me in some ways because I’m not working in the office, my job is performing in front of my fans. Hopefully, the time will come some day, please pray for me!” she said.

Source: Instagram

When asked about her relationship with Hael Husaini, Dayang commented, “Hael is my close friend, I never grew tired of being associated with him.” For those who don’t know, Dayang has been linked to the popular singer-songwriter ever since the release of their hit single “Haram” back in 2018.

She added, “Right from the very first moment we met, I’ve become more comfortable with him. Plus, both of us have been frequently invited to perform together on several occasions. From that point, we became more compatible with each other. This will make our job easier.”

The Kuching-born starlet further added that she’s looking forward to reunite with Hael for another collaboration.“I’ve been dying to work with Hael once again with his self-composed song. Unfortunately, both of us are currently busy with our own work,” Dayang was quoted as saying.

Source: Iluminasi

Awh! It’s okay Dayang. We’re sure your time will come soon.

Sources: mStar, Gempak.

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