How has been Bunga Citra Lestari doing several days after Ashraf Sinclair’s passing? Sister-in-law Aishah has the answer.

The MIX fm radio announcer assured everyone that Bunga is trying her very best to cope with her life in the aftermath of the sudden tragic episode.

Source: mStar

“Bunga is currently in good state. She often explains to Noah what had happened in order to make sure that he understands that his father is no longer around. But deep in her heart, we’ll never know. But from what I’ve seen, my late brother holds a special place in her heart,” Aishah told the press.


In addition, the 40-year-old shared that she adored Ashraf for being a wonderful individual not only to his family, but to other people as well. “Besides that, he enjoyed lending his hands to others. I was with him throughout his entire life and we made so much memories together. If it’s possible, hopefully I can be like him,” she further added in the interview.

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Meanwhile, the late star’s father, Mohamed Anthony John Sinclair – also known as Pak Mat in short – revealed the last conversation he had with Ashraf. The “Gol & Gincu” actor contacted him via WhatsApp, saying that he had planned to take him on a trip to Scotland.

“At that time, he just came back from New York. He told me about a guy who just returned from a holiday at the country with his dad and how it inspired him. Fascinated with the idea, Ashraf told me that he wanted to take me there next summer. Sadly, that won’t come to pass,” said Pak Mat.

Aishah, Pak Mat and the rest of the Sinclairs were seen at the recent tahlil (Islamic ritual to remember the dead) ceremony held at Masjid Al-Ghuffran, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

Source: Harian Metro.

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