It’s revealed K-pop star Roy Kim (로이킴) has finally been cleared of all charges made against him.

For the uninitiated, the 27-year-old heartthrob was previously suspected of getting involved with the scandal surrounding fellow singer Jung Joon Young’s controversial chatroom.

Source: Koreaboo

Roy Kim did confessed to sharing the obscene photos on the chat. However, he didn’t admit to filming any of the videos and photos. Roy Kim has since went on an indefinite career hiatus, presumably to avoid the issue from becoming worse.


Most recently, Roy Kim’s home label, Stone Music Entertainment made an announcement that a final decision of the suspension of all charges made against him has decided. They confirmed that he was not guilty of the controversial group chatroom. This came after a local reporter claimed that the “Home” jam maker didn’t intend on spreading the content on purpose.

Source: Koreaboo

To address the recent news, the “Superstar K” alum posted a hand-written letter on his official fan cafe that reads (translated via Kstarlive):

“Hello, this is Roy Kim. 

I’m not sure that I should be able to greet you with today’s news. However, I’m writing this because I want to express to you how sincerely sorry and grateful I feel. I received the results of the investigation a couple of days ago. I wanted to let y’all know first, but the news was released through broadcast first. I apologise for that.

Firstly, I found the picture addressed in the stories on a blog post by looking it up on a portal site, screenshot it and sent it along with a text saying that the rumour wasn’t true into a chatroom. I realised that regardless of my motive, it was wrong to send such a photo and I am reflecting on my mistake. I’m really sorry for hurting those who love me despite my reckless actions. 

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“I thought a lot about what I should say and grown scared as the story became bigger and bigger. During that time, I reflected upon myself, and I realised once again how precious and generous all the things you gave me and the love I’ve received.

I was able to look back at my past and realised how precious the love I received was even though I was lacking in many ways. I am thankful to the point where I can’t express it in words. I will not disappoint those who have believed and waited for me. I will return as the Roy Kim who everyone loved and supported. I will be mindful from here on out. Thank you. Sincerely, Roy Kim.” 

Source: Billboard

We’re so happy for Roy Kim! Hopefully we will hear more from the talented musician in the future.


Source: Kstarlive.

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