Yikes! Looks like Ali Puteh (full name Syed Ali Mubarak Syed Mohd Ridzuan)’s Instagram has been hacked.

The unfortunate mishap was personally confirmed by the Gombak-born comedian, in the wake of his drama caused over the past few days.


Ali posted a statement on his new Instagram that reads, “This is my latest Instagram account as the old one has been hacked. Besides this account, all other ones are bidaah (heresy).” In response to losing another account, Ali assured everyone by stating that he accepts the test given by God. “Keep calm because Allah loves people who are patient,” he wrote on the caption.

Prior to this, the 31-year-old made an appearance in a special press conference held last Friday (21st February) to clarify on his case with sister-in-law Nor Hidayah Mohd Ali. He admitted that he was being overly emotional and still saddened by his elder brother, Abam Bocey’s passing. He later apologised to Hidayah for all the drama he caused over the past few days.

According to the “Maharaja Lawak Mega 2019” winner, he will arrange a meet-up with Hidayah soon to resolve the matter as a family. In addition, Ali unveiled a shocking announcement during the event – he is ready to retire from the entertainment scene due to the recent controversy.

“I’m ready to step down in case I’m no longer needed. I’ll surrender everything to God. I’ll focus on taking care of my ailing mother after this. Besides, my presence in the entertainment field was with the late Abam. So, I feel like it’ll be meaningless to carry on this journey without him being around,” Ali revealed in the session.

What do you have to say about this? Do you agree with Ali’s decision to leave the entertainment scene for good?

Source: RotiKaya.

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