Since Ashraf Sinclair is married to singer Bunga Citra Lestari, it’s no surprise that the spotlight is on her following the sudden death of her late husband.

Refusing to give further statement to the press, the “Aku Dan Dirimu” songstress admitted that she’s still shocked at what happened. However, she assures everyone that she’s trying to cope with the situation as best as she can.


According to Tribun News, Bunga had been craving for instant noodles after returning from work (she’s a judge on “Indonesian Idol”) the night before. After washing her face, she proceeded to wake her husband up – but to no avail. Ashraf was soon rushed to the hospital but officially passed away the following morning.

“I’m still trying to accept the reality. To all our friends (who came to the funeral), thank you. I hope things will get better soon,” Bunga – known as BCL in short – was quoted as saying. For those who don’t know, Ashraf’s body was safely buried yesterday (Tuesday, 18th February) afternoon at San Diego Hills in Kawarang, West Java.

Bunga Citra Lestari

Source: Murai

Additionally, it’s revealed by San Diego Hills CEO Suziani Japardy that BCL didn’t only booked a graveyard solely for Ashraf, but she also reserved one for herself as well. “Yes, it’s true. BCL wants to be next to her husband. That was planned by her,” Suziani told

Suziani added that the two exclusive reservations were made through her manager Doddy with a price of Rp260mil (RM75k). “She doesn’t want to be single. I was informed by her manager that she wants to be located right beside her husband,” said Suziani.

Bunga Citra Lestari

Many have since pointed that the development of the site is best described as a symbol of BCL’s undying love for her deceased beau. We couldn’t agree more.

Sources: mStar (1)(2).

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