Malaysian songbird Yuna recently appeared in Jubilee’s “Hotline”, where she answered several phone calls from her fans across the States.

During one part of the session, the “Gadis Semasa” singer received a call from a Muslim fan known as Hamed, who revealed that he broke up with his Christian girlfriend due to their clashing beliefs.

Source: YouTube

“It’s just more of a pressure from her family members as well. To me, it wasn’t like the greatest of reasons. I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t cheat on her. Honestly, in my opinion, I was like a really good boyfriend. It’s just so crazy,” the man told the award-winning songstress.


“Born and raised in America. I never really thought people here still think of me as a different person because of my religion. They often view you based on your differences and not your similarities,” he added in the conversation.

Source: YouTube

Relating to her past relationship experience with her former lover Jules Schratter, Yuna responded by saying, “I’m gonna be honest with you right now. I went through the same thing; I was in a relationship with someone who wasn’t a Muslim and that was very difficult. The fact that someone doesn’t want to be apart of my religion, it affected me. Maybe that’s what she feels as well,” she told the caller.

Furthermore, she also advised Hamed to let his ex make her own decision and respect her. “You need to just give her some space to think. And you guys can still be friends. Breakups are so difficult, it sucks, but you’ll be fine,” she was quoted as saying.

Check out the full clip of her inspiring phone call session here:

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