Jackson Wang (王嘉尔) is one busy man. Not only has the 25-year-old been busy prepping for GOT7’s tour, but he’s also been promoting the adidas SUPERSTAR sportswear.

During his recent public appearance, many fans showed up at an unidentified location to meet him in person. Unfortunately, one particular fan brought something that may have annoyed Jackson.

Source: Twitter

As seen in the 9-second clip, the Chinese rapper had a funny reaction when a fan presented an unflattering picture of him to sign. “What is this? Tell me…what is this? I’m so disappointed,” Jackson jokingly asked out loud, pretending to be angry.


The aforementioned picture was a zoom in shot of his face from a bad angle. Fans were obviously humoured by the GOT7 member’s candid reaction. Take a look at the short clip posted by Trending Weibo below:

If you’ve been following Jackson on social media, the entertainer has a packed schedule from February till June.

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