There is a lot of fear going on in the world right now. The unknown is always scary, and right now that unknown is the coronavirus outbreak.

Cases of the Wuhan virus have been increasing at an alarming rate. According to The New York Times, the World Health Organization (WHO) has already declared the coronavirus a global health emergency after 9800 cases and 213 deaths have been confirmed.

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Having said that, a few individuals have gone to great lengths to ensure that they don’t get infected. Some may call it “creative”, others just find it plain weird. A woman at Vancouver International Airport was recently spotted wearing a huge plastic bottle on their head.


Apparently a respiratory specialist from Peking University, Wang Guangfa, claimed that those who don’t protect their eyes properly might get infected with the coronavirus. The lady in pink (pictured left above) wasn’t the only one though.


A mother-son duo were also spotted with also spotted on a public train wearing plastic bottles to cover their entire face. Perhaps they missed the memo that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “does not advise wearing containers on your head to prevent a coronavirus infection“.

Water bottles aren’t the only items used as shields against the new deadly virus though. Some families at the airport were photographed with plastic bags covering the top half of their bodies. Doesn’t that make it even harder to breathe?

Unless of course if one is wearing a bra.

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While all these images look comical, it shows just how desperate people have become. To find out more about the coronavirus and how to protect yourselves against it, feel free to visit WHO’s website.

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