The coronavirus outbreak is getting more concerning, with the number of cases increasing each day.

There’s no doubt that people around the globe are taking precautionary steps to avoid from being infected by the disease. Most recently, a video that shows a panicked taxi driver in China kicking out an under the weather passenger from Wuhan has gone viral on Twitter.

The 1-minute and 34-second clip started with the driver asking the man where he wanted to go, which he responded by saying he wants to go to Renmin Hospital. When the passenger started coughing profusely, the middle-aged man asked him, “Why are you coughing? Where are you from?”

The passenger lied to him at first, claiming that he’s from Baoding. The driver didn’t believe him as his accent sounds different. The driver then pushed him to tell him the truth. “Have you been to Wuhan?” the driver asked the man.

The passenger finally admitted that he just came back from Wuhan and wanted to go to the hospital to seek for medical treatment. Without further delay, the driver then stopped his car and asked the passenger to get out. As soon as the man made his exit, the driver told the fellow passenger that sat at the back that he will lodge a report.

A number of netizens have left widespread reactions in response to the uncle’s actions towards the poor fellow. In this case, some of them argued that the driver is doing the right thing in kicking out the infected passenger. On the other hand, a few of them have slammed him for being inconsiderate.


What would you do if you were in the taxi driver’s shoes?

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