f(x) member Amber Liu (엠버) finally broke her silence about the ongoing questions regarding her group activities.

The 28-year-old starlet recently made her appearance on Dive Studios’ podcast “K-pop Daebak Show” hosted by her bestie, Eric Nam (에릭남). During the session, Amber was asked, “Why do you think there has not been more of f(x)?” 

Source: Bias Wrecker

The “Other People” singer pointed that there are a lot of things to consider. “Despite that you are in the same company or group, there’s still so many moving parts. Like if I want to do it (continue as f(x)), someone else might not want to do it, ” Amber clarified in the chat.


Additionally, Amber continued by suggesting that all the parties involved must be on the same page in order to get the “green light” for the project. She further assured by letting MeUs (as fans are lovingly called) know that all of the girls have been dying to make a grand return as a whole.

“When we feel like it’s the right time and the business is okay as well, I think we’ll figure it out,” Amber told the Atlanta-born entertainer. For those interested, check out the full video of the interview here:

To refresh everyone’s memory, the 4-member K-pop group’s last comeback was way back in 2015 with the song “4 Walls”. Amber, along with fellow members Luna and Victoria have since left their agency SM Entertainment back in September 2019.

All the girls are still coping with their solo activities as at time of writing. Hopefully 2020 will bring good luck for the girls.

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