“Handmaidens United” or “The Maid Alliance” (丫鬟大聯盟) recently concluded with its finale last week. However, Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) took to her Instagram to share a throwback photo from “Finding Her Voice”.

In the post, she wrote, “Leaving behind happy times and fond memories during filming. Thank you team.”

Source: Instagram

However, what caught people’s attention was not her Instagram post – which showed her in her purple period costume – but what she posted in her Instagram stories. In the aforementioned photo (pictured right), we see the actress in a soldier’s outfit staring intensely at her weapon.


The 30-year-old expressed that she’d like to be a man in her next life. We can’t be certain if she’s simply reflecting about her filming experience on set or looking back at the series of dramatic events that took place last year.

Source: Instagram

Several netizens commented that although Andy Hui (許志安) was equally guilty from the cheating scandal, Jacqueline’s backlash was way more severe. Is it a sexist thing?

Anyhow, we hope better opportunities awaits the disgraced actress in 2020.

Sources: New QQ, China Press.

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