There’s no doubt that EXO member Chen (첸)’s recent announcement regarding his marriage as well as his non-celebrity partner’s pregnancy came as a surprise to everyone. This has led to conflicting arguments among fans.

In this case, die-hard EXO-Ls (as fans are lovingly called) have given their full support to the 27-year-old. On the contrary, a number of netizens have been venting their anger towards him.


Recently, alleged photos of his newlywed house went viral, causing massive stir among the internet community. The netizen claimed that the pictures were taken from Chen’s fiancee’s Instagram posts back in August 2018. It is believed that the apartment is located in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul.

The unknown individual further pointed that most of the furnitures came from a branded store. One of the luxurious brands include exclusive home furnishing label Wittmann, much to the public’s dismay.

A number of K-netizens have claimed that the Daejeon-born entertainer has been making use of die-hard EXO-Ls’ money for his partner. Not only that, the fiancee was also called out for purposely seeking attention by local keyboard warriors. Some of the comments include:

  • “I wonder who is rich enough to buy a 50 million won worth of bed when they get married in their late 20s haha”
  • “Thanks to his stupid fans, he has made tens of billions of won already.”
  • “Hahahaha for sure the fans will get angry. It’s natural for them to show their anger, premarital pregnancy itself is a shock. But the fact that his girlfriend is that type (gold-digger) is even more shocking.”
  • “I like EXO but I’m not spending any money on him. To be honest, he should leave if he’s being considerate for the other members.”
  • “His girlfriend is making a scene trying to become famous.”
  • “She must be super happy that all of her newlywed furniture was paid for by his fans.”

Despite the criticisms, loyal fans of the “Growl” hit makers have stepped in to defend Chen. Most of them said that it’s normal for everyone to fall in love and it’s no different in his situation just because he is a well-known figure.

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Sources: PannKpop, AllKpop.

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