Sharnaaz Ahmad’s wife, Noor Nabila has grown sick of his back-and-forth approach in handling their ongoing divorce case.

The 35-year-old entrepreneur recently revealed that the actor has shown zero attempt in searching for a solution for their longterm marital dispute ever since they parted ways for over a year.

Sources: Harian Metro, Berita Harian

“(I believe) things will be easier if he had filed for divorce in the first place. This ongoing process is making it more difficult. Sharnaaz has not shown any efforts in making peace between us. I certainly don’t want to proceed with the marriage. So, I think both sides should understand that we have to move forward since both of us have our own lives,” the elder sister of Neelofa told mStar.


“He has been living his life without the presence of a wife for a year, and vice versa. But since we have children together, we shouldn’t have to prolong the issue. I feel that it’s better to move on and do our best to raise our baby without any resentment or anger,” she further added.

Source: mStar

Further expressing her disappointment in Sharnaaz’s decision to elongate the case between them, Nabila asked, “Does Sharnaaz really wanted to save our marriage? If yes then what effort has he made? I am very disheartened and I don’t see any actions taken by him. Therefore, I refuse to continue with this relationship.”

Meanwhile, Sharnaaz has been hesitant to give any comments regarding the matter. “There’s nothing to say,” the “Darah Panas” actor said before leaving the court. During the closed proceedings of the case that was conducted today (Thursday, 16th January), Syarie Judge Ahmad Muttaqi Ismailm has decided to disqualify the existing hakam (arbitrator) as both sides have failed to reach a settlement.

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Both Sharnaaz and Nabila will meet again on 27th February to appoint a new arbitrator for the case.

Source: mStar.

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