In case y’all missed it, Aliff Aziz had found himself in the middle of the spotlight again following a viral video of him raising a ruckus at a restaurant in his hometown Singapore. He even attempted to expose his private parts in public!

A few days after the clip made its way online, the “Jangan Ganggu Pacarku” singer took to his Instagram to clear the air. According to Aliff, he confessed that he had “shamed” his loved ones.


He further admitted that he’s been having tough situations when it comes to his private life. Not only that, Aliff also claimed that a few keyboard warriors who slammed him will not be able to survive if they were in his shoes.

In this case, he pointed out his disappointment towards a few netizens who made fun of him for all the controversies that had happened before this. “Keep laughing at my pain. Yes, I f**ked up. I brought it upon myself. But trust me, try walking in my shoes cause you’d probably fall flat. Yes I shamed my loved ones but no one knows my predicament,” Aliff opened in the statement.

He continued by writing, “It’s okay. I don’t owe anybody any explanation. Not preaching here, but for as long as I live, Allah is here no matter how screwed people think of me, I am still His servant. It’s funny how people claim to be a Muslim yet they run their mouths like they’re the best servants.” Feel free to read the full post below:

Just to refresh everyone’s memory, this was not the first time the “Hotel Mania” actor was caught in these scenarios. Prior to this, he caused massive drama after being arrested for showing disorderly behaviour at the same country as well.

Hopefully, Aliff will learn from this issue.

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