Singaporean celebrity Aliff Aziz is no stranger when it comes to scandals and controversies.

Recently, it was reported by Mediacorp News (via Harian Metro) that the “Kalau Cinta” singer was arrested for causing disturbance in the public while in a drunken state.

Source: BeautifulNara

Based on the video below, Aliff was seen on the line with someone else during the intense altercation with a group of officers. He then started to shout, “Dad, help! Someone wants to beat me!” 


The clip was posted by a Twitter user known as @HzrqHlim. However, the tweet was nowhere to be found at the time of writing (Monday, 11th November). The viral clip managed caught the attention of local netizens, expressing their concern towards him.

In this case, most of them wondered what has gotten into the 28-year-old these days since separating from his former beau Bella Astillah. In addition, some even pointed out that the whole chaos was merely an act of gimmick by Aliff on purpose.

Check out some of their replies and also the full clip of the incident below:

Harian Metro further added that the validity of the on-going case involving the artiste has yet to be clarified by anyone – including Aliff’s mother Siti Hafiza Sheikh Mohamad and also Bella herself.

What do you think of the issue? Do you think Aliff is playing with us with his problematic behaviour this past few days?


Featured Image: BeautifulNara.

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