WINNER (위너) has just successfully wrapped their concert tour in the city of Bangkok, Thailand over the weekend.

During the show, BLACKPINK (블랙핑크) member Lisa made an appearance in a special VCR clip, revealing that the boys have came out with a delightful surprise for local Inner Circles (as fans are lovingly called). After hyping up the crowd, she asked everyone to count until 3 together with her.

Following Lisa’s segment, the music began playing the beat that everyone is familiar with. The 4 members of the band – Mino, Hoony, Jinu and Yoon then appeared on stage with their take on BLACKPINK’s iconic hit “DDu Du DDu Du”.

Not only that, they also introduced themselves as WINPINK, with the members channelling their inner girl group alter egos – Mino referred to himself as Minnie (name play on original member Jennie), Hoony as Leesa/Heesa (Lisa), Jinu as Jinsoo (Jisoo) while Yoon took on the role as Yoonsé (Rosé).

Sources: Google Images/Twitter

K-fans that weren’t in attendance during the concert have taken to Twitter to point out their amusement. In this case, both of the groups have been receiving praise from their respective fandoms for the strong friendship that is portrayed by members of the two groups. Additionally, they also joked that they want to see a collaboration between WINPINK happen.

A WINNER x BLACKPINK special project? We would die to see that! For those who are curious, check out their reactions as well as the full fan-taken clip of the performance below:

In case you missed it, the K-pop quartet will be making their next stop here in Malaysia this weekend! Feel free to read the concert deets here.

Will we be able to witness WINNER’s take on the 2018 jam this coming Saturday? Malaysian Inner Circles will just have to wait and see. 😉

Source: Koreaboo.

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