It looks like former flames Aliff Aziz and Bella Astillah have been going back and forth with their relationship.

The 26-year-old songstress uploaded a photo of her holding an arm of a man whom people believe to be Aliff’s. Additionally, Aliff posted a photo with a glimpse of his ex-wife seating behind him, wearing the same exact white shirt.

Source: Instagram Story via RotiKaya

Further adding fuel to everyone’s speculations, the “Cinta Belum Tamat Tempoh” star also reposted a screenshot of a quote initially posted by Aliff’s mother that reads,“Your past is a mirror to your present. Learn from it and aim to not make the same mistakes again. A new chapter awaits you each day when you’re awake. Aim to be a better person than you were yesterday.” 


The couple’s friendly interactions have received widespread reactions among the local internet community. Most of them have been flooding Bella’s comments section on Instagram with mixed remarks. In this case, they pointed that the young starlet should thoroughly consider her decision on reconciling with Aliff. Feel free to check out the comments here:

  • “It’s 2020 but feels like 2019 all over again. I’ve been siding with you since day 1 but what you are doing is not really clever… If the next time something bad happens to your relationship, I hope you can handle it quietly. All the best to you, I hope he’s changed now and he’s really worth it.”
  • “It’s okay Bella, just proceed with what you think is the best despite what others think about your decision. It’s not easy to be able to accept a man who was involved in numerous scandals. Hopefully he has really changed. If he hasn’t then just forgive him. I know Bella can be strong for the sake of her child.”
  • In case there’s anything bad happening in the future, please don’t post about it on social media. Just keep it hush-hush okay, Bella.”
  • “Why Bella? Please be smarter. Aliff is nothing but trouble. It will be difficult for him to change. Trust me, you will regret your decision. Find a good man for you and your son. You’re still young. Pity your parents. They must be praying that you will not get back together with him. OMG, please help this poor girl.” 
Source: BeautifulNara

At the time of writing (Monday, 6th January), Bella has yet to release any statement to clarify the situation. On the other hand, the “Sandar Padaku” singer has since deleted all his posts on Instagram, possibly to avoid everyone’s further questioning on the Instagram post.

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