Award-winning actress Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) set the internet abuzz earlier in October when she announced that she is currently pregnant.

The announcement was made via her Weibo account during her visit to the Tokyo International Film Festival on 28th October 2019. Since then, many fans have been itching to know what the gender of the new baby is.

Source: Weibo

There’s a possibility that the Chinese star accidentally let slipped about the gender when she commented on Wang Feng (汪峰)’s Weibo account. Over the weekend, the pair decided to spend some time together with their daughter at the beach as they celebrate the 4-year-old’s birthday. This led to the 48-year-old singer wishing his daughter happy birthday on his Weibo account.


In the singer’s Weibo post, he wrote, “Dearest Xing Xing, these words written on the beach is a gift for your 4th birthday from Mum and me. We believe that this is a very special, sincere and priceless gift. One day, when you look back at these photos, we hope that you’ll like it and understand the simple love and wishes given to you by Mum and Dad. May you be happy and beautiful. Happy birthday, Xing Xing!”

In response to the post, the 40-year-old actress replied with “Xing Xing wishes for a ____, can you guess?” It was this line that immediately got many excited fans to speculate that the new baby will be a boy, as the actress has previously mentioned that Xing Xing wanted a younger brother.

Zhang Ziyi
Source: Weibo

It should be noted that Zhang’s husband has also wished for a son. In case you didn’t know, he already has 2 daughters including one from a previous relationship.

Source: Today Online.

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