A group of teenagers found themselves in hot water recently, when a picture of them wearing shirts that bear the logo of pornographic website, Pornhub, surfaced online.

The picture was uploaded by Twitter user @zulfazlirshid, and it showed four individuals standing side by side together wearing the Pornhub t-shirts. Additionally, some of the shirts also include illustration of naked woman and a picture of a person wearing a ball gag.

Accompanying the post was a caption written by the uploader, expressing his disapproval regarding the current hipster generation today. He wrote, “This generation of youth. With their pride, they view themselves as the ones that are the most hipster in this century.” 

The post have since garnered around 3.4k retweets and 4.4 thousand likes, at the time of writing. Many netizens have since come out and reacted with disgust towards the teens. Some even questioned whether the boys really know what they were doing when they wore those shirts.

Check out some of the reaction below:

Do you think these young teens know what they’re wearing?

Source: Malay Mail.

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