It’s no secret that BLACKPINK (블랙핑크) fans (known as BLINKs) are not happy with the way the girls are being dealt with.

As a result, BLINKs worldwide have expressed their disappointment towards YG Entertainment by coming up with the hashtag #BLINKsDemandForBLACKPINK, insisting for BLACKPINK’s long-overdue comeback in the music scene.

Source: Koreaboo

In addition, BLINKs also made headlines after a fan-made truck was placed outside of the YG headquarters building. As seen in the photo collage above, the vehicle had billboard ads that read “BLINKs are demanding for BLACKPINK”.

As a response, YG finally took to Twitter to address the ongoing speculations. They posted a statement in both English and Korean. For those who are interested, check out their statement here:

Source: Twitter

Not all die-hard fans were satisfied with YG’s response, though. In this case, most of them expressed their rage and disbelief over the entertainment agency’s promise of BLACKPINK’s comeback in 2020 as they pointed out in the statement above.

Not only that, they also demanded for other members’ solo debut as a follow-up to Jennie’s previous record-breaking success outside her group with “Solo”. Check out some of their replies here:

To quote a fan, YG has been making a ton of “promises” but has fallen short for delivering them. There’s only so much K-pop fans will endure before lashing out.

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