Miss Universe Malaysia, Shweta Sekhon, may not have won the “Best National Costume” prize, but she certainly has won the hearts of millions. This is evident by the amount of support pouring her way from fans, celebrities and even a former Miss Malaysia.

Arriving back in Kuala Lumpur today, Sekhon was all smiles as she touched down. Her composure and grace during the pageant’s controversial decision have earned her praises from local and international fans alike, and even Miss Malaysia 2011, Deborah Henry, who the 22-year-old’s described as her “all-time girl crush”.



Speaking to The Star, the KL native showed her love for the former Miss Malaysia. She praised the TV show host and model on her confidence and body language, while also sharing some other prominent figures she looked up to.

“I just love the way she carries herself and speaks, plus her self-confidence and body language,” the Miss Universe Malaysia 2019 told the newspaper. She added, “Some of the other icons that have inspired me as a model are Tyra Banks, Kendall Jenner and Cindy Bishop.”

Sekhon should be happy to know her love for the “Bella” host was mutual, with the 34-year-old sending her love in the form of hearts in one of the models’ Instagram post. Malaysian supermodel, Amber Chia, also chimed in on the praise, telling her fellow model “Well done” in the same Instagram post.

For those unaware, the Miss Universe controversy started when host Steve Harvey was thought to have made another mistake by announcing Miss Philippines as the award winner instead of Miss Malaysia.

The official Twitter account of Miss Universe even posted a tweet announcing Miss Malaysia as the winner. However, just hours later, a new tweet was put up announcing Miss Philippines to be the actual winner of the category. The previous post about Miss Malaysia winning the “Best National Costume” category was then removed.


This mismanagement, understandably, had made quiet a lot of people feeling less than pleased with this year’s Miss Universe pageant. One of those people was Miss Universe Malaysia’s national director, Elaine Daly, who took to her social media to express her disappointment with the pageant’s management in a lengthy post, in which you can find below:

Hopefully this mismanagement will not repeat itself in future events and we wish our Miss Malaysia, Shweta Sekhon, all the best as we all know she will be back soon enough, stronger than ever.

Sources: Murai, The Star. Featured image: Instagram.

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