Local fans’ excitement didn’t last long as it was announced today (Monday 9th December) that the real winner of Miss Universe 2019 Best National Costume category belongs to the Philippines and not to Malaysia as revealed earlier.

The news was made via Miss Universe’s official Twitter account, just hours after the initial tweet. Not only that, it can be pointed out that Steve Harvey had initially gotten the winner’s name correct. Looks like his mistake of announcing the wrong winner for Miss Universe back in 2015 didn’t repeat itself.

The mixed-up final results have in turn received massive amount of outrage among the internet community. Most of the netizens were siding with Gazini Ganados (Miss Universe Philippines representative), arguing that she should have gotten her own time to shine instead of giving the wrong spotlight to Shweta Sekhon (Miss Universe Malaysia).

On the other hand, some pointed out the organiser’s unprofessional manner in handling this issue. Some even accused them of initiating unnecessary drama for cheap publicity. Check out some of their tweets here:

The previous tweet that showed Shweta winning the category has been deleted at the time of writing. The 22-year-old Malaysian beauty has yet to give any comments to address the issue.

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