Godfrey Gao’s Hairstylist Reveals Actor’s Concerns Before Filming

By now, everyone would have heard about the unfortunate news of actor Godfrey Gao. The Taiwanese model that collapsed and subsequently died during the filming of the Chinese reality show “Chase Me”.

The star was much loved by fans and friends alike, with many already took to their social media to mourn his passing. The death took many by surprised, as people often thought that the sport-loving actor was in peak physical health. However, a new revelations by Gao’s hairstylist revealed that the actor actually had some concerns prior to filming.

The hairstylist, named Kim Huang, revealed the concern in a lengthy post on his Instagram account. Huang shared about his final moments with the “Min & Max” star, and how the star noted that he was worried about filming the program, as he felt that he was coming down with a cold due to the bad weather in Taiwan.

The post reads, “That day (Nov 25), you said the recent weather in Taipei left people feeling unwell. You also felt like you were having a cold and told me to take care of myself because the weather was unpredictable. You said you wanted a trim because you were going to shoot a reality show the following day.”

The stylist then continued, “You said it was a physically challenging programme and you were worried you could not complete it. I gave you a pat on the shoulder and told you not to worry because these tests mean nothing to you. You exercised regularly, played basketball and worked out at the gym.”

Source: Asian One

Huang added, “In the short two-minute walk (to the car), we were talking and laughing. When we reached the elevator lobby of the carpark, you looked at me, smiled, and said, ‘I’ll make a move first. We’ll meet again on Thursday.’ Why has all of these become our final memories?”

Gao’s Hairstylist also revealed that “The Jade Pendant” actor intended to come back after finishing the shoot on 28th November, to get his hair fixed up for close-friend James Mao’s wedding. It’s the wedding where Gao was supposed to be Mao’s best man.


Let this be a lesson to people to always take care of one’s health, even if it meant sacrificing a few days of work.

Source: Asia One.