Godfrey Gao’s Hairstylist Reveals Actor’s Concerns Before Filming

By now, everyone would have heard about the unfortunate news of actor Godfrey Gao. The Taiwanese model that collapsed and subsequently died during the filming of the Chinese reality show “Chase Me”.

The star was much loved by fans and friends alike, with many already took to their social media to mourn his passing. The death took many by surprised, as people often thought that the sport-loving actor was in peak physical health. However, a new revelations by Gao’s hairstylist revealed that the actor actually had some concerns prior to filming.

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萬萬沒想到2019-11-25的午后卻是我這一輩子最後一次為你剪頭髮跟合照 2天前不就還這樣好好的一個人就坐在我面前讓我剪頭髮還跟我合影而已嗎? 回想那一天午后你過來的時候還特地帶你平常喜歡喝的,山蘭居的熱咖啡要給我喝, 然後你說,你也還沒有吃中餐, 那叫外送進來一起吃中餐, 我請助手Vic 為你點了祥發, 每次你來時都會吃的鴛鴦臘醋味蒸飯、 天天煲靚例湯 我們還正在一邊說說笑笑的聊著天、 包廂的電視裡突然開始換播出講台語的新聞, 我說你聽得懂台語喔?轉別台看呀! 你望著我笑說出:哇聽嗚啊!呵 還在笑你那不標準的台語而已, 至此時我真的還無法相信,才事隔2天 想起那一天你跟我說台北這幾天的天氣讓人感到很不舒服, 你感覺自己似乎已經有一點感冒了 還對我說最近天氣都變來變去的, 叫我自己也要照顧好身體,別感冒了! 你說你隔天要去參與一個實境秀節目的錄影,就先小修一下 你還說那是一個超高挑戰體能、體力的節目 擔心自己會無法達成, 我還對你拍了肩說,安啦!!! 這些考驗對你來說哪算什麼啊, 你行的、肯定是沒問題的! 更何況你平常都有維持運動的習慣、打藍球還有在健身、 所以那些對你來說根本不算什麼吧, 然後,你說很快,你錄完節目星期四就回來, 星期四想要再過來, 讓我再幫你整理一下頭髮, 因為隔天星期五要去參加你好兄弟毛毛的婚禮, 你要帥帥的去當他的伴郎, 而且我們還說好下週要約一天去吃火鍋的, 還說要到我家裡幫我看看我剛剛才重新裝潢的樣子、要再給我一些建議 想起那天在你要離開下樓的時候 外面下著雨、我問你有沒有帶雨傘! 你說沒關係, 你用身上的衣服遮一下衝到停車場就可以了, 我說這樣子不好吧!你不是說你已經有一點感冒了!而且頭髮才剛剛剪帥帥的!不要淋雨啦、我撐你過去拿車不就好了! 你笑望回我:好啊!謝謝,那麻煩你一下, 我就撐你走去停車場 在短短2分鐘的路途我們還在說說笑笑的, 到了停車場電梯口你還笑望著跟我說, 先走囉, 那我們就星期四再見喔•••••• 怎麼,這所有卻都成了• 最後• 孝順的善心的陽光的敬業的溫暖的貼心的你 今天就是星期四了耶!高飛@godfreygao

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The hairstylist, named Kim Huang, revealed the concern in a lengthy post on his Instagram account. Huang shared about his final moments with the “Min & Max” star, and how the star noted that he was worried about filming the program, as he felt that he was coming down with a cold due to the bad weather in Taiwan.

The post reads, “That day (Nov 25), you said the recent weather in Taipei left people feeling unwell. You also felt like you were having a cold and told me to take care of myself because the weather was unpredictable. You said you wanted a trim because you were going to shoot a reality show the following day.”

The stylist then continued, “You said it was a physically challenging programme and you were worried you could not complete it. I gave you a pat on the shoulder and told you not to worry because these tests mean nothing to you. You exercised regularly, played basketball and worked out at the gym.”

Source: Asian One

Huang added, “In the short two-minute walk (to the car), we were talking and laughing. When we reached the elevator lobby of the carpark, you looked at me, smiled, and said, ‘I’ll make a move first. We’ll meet again on Thursday.’ Why has all of these become our final memories?”

Gao’s Hairstylist also revealed that “The Jade Pendant” actor intended to come back after finishing the shoot on 28th November, to get his hair fixed up for close-friend James Mao’s wedding. It’s the wedding where Gao was supposed to be Mao’s best man.

Let this be a lesson to people to always take care of one’s health, even if it meant sacrificing a few days of work.

Source: Asia One.