Kim Sohyun (김소현) recently sat down in an exclusive interview where she talked about her experience working in the period drama “The Tale Of Nokdu” (조선로코-녹두전).

She opened the chat by talking about her chemistry with main lead Jang Dongyoon (장동윤). “We did a lot of script readings. He was so friendly so it was easier for us to get closer. We were able to get along well despite the slight age gap,” said the 21-year-old starlet.

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Sohyun further added that since both of them have a lot of arguing scenes, they were afraid of how it would affect their chemistry. “I didn’t want it to look awkward, and same goes to him as well. So, we made an effort to be like friends,” she shared during the session.


The former child actress was then asked about her opinions on Dongyoon becoming a hot topic for portraying cross-dressing in a Korean drama. In this case, Sohyun commented that the “School 2017” star looked “so pretty that even the male staff members agreed on the fact as well. I got quite envious at first and joked, ‘Do you think Nokdu is prettier than me?’. And the camera director responded by saying, ‘Of course Dongjoo (Sohyun’s character) is the prettiest.’ But he was truly beautiful. After a few scenes together, I managed to get used to it.”

Sohyun then talked about his on-screen chemistry with fellow co-star Kang Taeoh (강태오). “He gave off a really strong first impression. But in reality, he was very gentle. Whenever I saw him seriously immersed himself in filming, I became serious as well,” said the “Love Alarm” actress. She further added that she considered Taeoh as an older brother. “Later on in the drama, I teased him by saying, ‘Don’t look at me with such hateful eyes,” recalling on how much she hates his character in the series.

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She further added by describing Taeoh’s character in the 32-episode drama as “very greasy. I thought from Dong Joo’s perspective and thought that he was always that way. I also didn’t like the way the other gisaengs (Korean courtesans) looked at me with jealousy whenever he did that in front of me. In real life, I like my romance to be very clean and simple,” said Sohyun.

Additionally, Sohyun addressed the ongoing rumours surrounding her and Dongyoon. Her response was priceless, though. “It is good to hear such rumours,” Sohyun clarified, before adding, “I was happy that people enjoyed our scenes together, and I filmed while laughing a lot. People said we looked good together, and I thought, ‘Me and him?’ but I couldn’t say anything because he might get upset.”

Sohyun further dished on the kissing scenes between her and Dongyoon. In this case, she claimed that she “was so embarrassed because we had to film (the scene) to make it realistic. For me, it was not a big deal for me to film a kissing scene. But I got embarrassed because the scene was done like a kiss that can be seen in real life. There were so many kissing scenes for a historical drama,” Sohyun shared during the chat.

Source: Soompi

Sohyun further recalled that in one interview, Dongyoon claimed that the scene was merely for ‘business’. “In this case, I responded by saying, ‘Aren’t you drawing the line too firmly?’ and he said, ‘Why does it matter?'” she said during the session. “I was embarrassed, so I was naturally shy as well. On the film set, the directors said it was just ‘business,’ so I was able to do scenes a little more comfortably,” she concluded.

“The Tale Of Nokdu” tells the love story of the titular character (played by Jang Dongyoon) who disguised himself as a woman to enter an all-women village; and a woman (Kim Sohyun) who refuses to become a gisaeng. For those who haven’t watched the series yet, feel free to watch the teasers below:


Source: Soompi.

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