It has always been known to fans that Godfrey Gao (高以翔) has a girlfriend named Bella Su Xiang Han. So it’s understandable that the spotlight is on her, after the actor’s sudden death.

However, Bella Su has been keeping relatively quiet on her social media over the whole ordeal. Though, it was reported that she and several others, were in China to bring the “Shanghai Fortress” actor’s body back to Taiwan.


This silence did not last long, as she eventually got back to her Instagram account to update her biography. In the new description it reads, Whatever we are… You and I will always collide.” This, of course, was her way of expressing her grievances over the passing, with them having a relationship in the past. 

Others that have also express their sadness, include the Louis Vuitton model’s best friend, James Mao. It was Mao that reportedly introduced Su to the Taiwanese actor, which lead to them dating each other afterwards. In a series of photos on his Instagram, the basketball player let loose on his thoughts about losing his best friend, all of which you can find below:

“The Jade Pendant” star was reported to have suffered a heart attack during the filming of “Chase Me” (追我吧), after working non-stop for 17 hours. This lead to massive criticism being thrown at the popular Chinese reality show, questioning the show’s staff competency and safety around the set.

Footage of some of Gao’s final moments in the show have also leaked online, showing the actor being completely exhausted and unsteady in his steps. This should have been an indication that something was off, but was ultimately failed to be noticed by the staffs.

Leaked of the footage can be found here:


Rest in peace Godfrey Gao, you will be missed.

Source: Msn.

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