Hong Kong actress Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) has found herself in hot water during her appearance at the taping of the TVB’s “52nd Anniversary Gala” (萬千星輝賀台慶), now known as “Cherish Hong Kong, Distribute Entertainment TVB 52 Years” (珍惜香港發放娛樂TVB 52年).

During the “True and False” segment of the show, Priscilla claimed that she has seen bestie Tony Hung (洪永城) completely naked during their working trip to Turkey. She then jokingly described his penis by comparing it to the size of her pinky finger.


Priscilla’s alleged “joke” on the show has in turn received a significant amount of backlash among enraged fans. In this case, The Straits Times (via The Star Online) has reported that fans have filed over 400 complaints against the 38-year-old.

As a response, Priscilla came out with a statement, admitting that she “behaved inappropriately” on the show, as reported by local portal HK01. “I shouldn’t have said things that stepped over the line,” the “Married But Available” star clarified, before adding, “After watching the clip, I realised how disrespectful I was.” She further assured that she will be more careful in her actions in the future.

On the other hand, Tony seemed unbothered with all the ongoing controversy surrounding both him and Priscilla. Instead, he insisted that reporters shouldn’t have taken her statement too seriously. “She actually didn’t see me naked, unless she peeked and I didn’t know. I’m not upset with her at all,” said the 35-year-old.

Both Priscilla and Tony have been buddies for a long time, with the two making constant appearances in several entertainment shows together.

Sources: JayneStars (1)(2), The Star.

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