Hello Kitty mania is still alive and well here in Malaysia as evident by the one day sale of the McDonald’s exclusive Hello Kitty Carrier being gone within hours of launching. This left many fans that failed to get their hands on the carrier feeling distraught.

However, whenever there is a demand for something, there will always be sellers. This is no less true for the Hello Kitty exclusive, with the item already flooding second hand reseller sites like Mudah or Carousell.


A quick recap on the original price of this Hello Kitty product: They were initially sold in McDonald’s Singapore for S$7.90 (RM24) a piece. They were then brought to McDonald’s Malaysia at RM29.99 each on 27th November 2019.

Looking back, the original price is certainly a far cry from what the exclusive item is selling for now. You won’t believe this but some scalpers are reselling it as high as RM1000. That is more than 30 times its original price.

Hello Kitty Carrier

Of course, not all scalpers are selling at this ludicrous amount with the item averaging out at around RM100 to RM200 at most sites. But the idea that something that was initially sold for less than RM50 can get to a number that high, is certainly alarming.

It should be noted that we frowned upon buying things from scalpers here.

Featured Image: Business Insider.

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