Apart from his acting stint, Sharnaaz Ahmad is also known for his love in motor sports. Recently, he was involved in the “Sepang 1000km Endurance Race 2019” held in Sepang International Circuit.

He then took to his Instagram to share with his fans a few photos during the event. However, one particular photo of him has managed to catch everyone’s attention.


Based on the post above, Sharnaaz was seen wearing a tight white top that revealed glimpse of his nipples. The 35-year-old was pictured next to fellow celebrity Shuib Sepahtu, as he gave out words of encouragement to the famous comedian on the lengthy caption.

“A hard working person, very humble and very intelligent business skills. He is my friend. We became close since we have the same interest in racing, but he has a good heart,” said the “Juvana” actor. He further addressed the ongoing issue involving the Hot fm radio announcer, “People said he’s a show-off, you need to get to know others first before judging.”

He concluded by saying, “I hope he will be blessed with overflowing sustenance,” before jokingly adding, “Please ignore my nipples. Whoever comments about them will be blocked.”

The post has in turn received widespread reaction among Sharnaaz’s followers. Many were amused with his spontaneous sense of humour. Some of them even pointed out that they were close enough to comment about his choice of clothing for the competition.

Not only that, Sharnaaz further added in the comments section that he has caught a few netizens who gave degrading comments about his outfits. He wasn’t hesitant in taking immediate action against these trolls. “I have blocked them online. Congratulations, y’all are very easy to be blocked,” he wrote.

Do you think it was necessary for Sharnaaz to take such actions? Share with us your thoughts.

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