Tony Eusoff recently took to his Twitter to voice out his dissatisfaction towards a local production house for offering him an unreasonable amount of payment for his on-screen appearances.

The 42-year-old posted a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation he had with with a production rep on social media.

“We are reaching the year 2020, but the budget for a TV drama is still disappointing,” Tony tweeted. He concluded the caption with the hashtag #VisionNotReally2020. It is believed that the “Sepi” actor was initially approached by a rep to star in a total of 11 scenes with an unknown budget. In this case, the total amount was kept hushed by Tony.

Unimpressed with the amount of payment offered by the team, Tony replied by saying, “Is the budget (offered) used during the Malacca Sultanate age? If so, then please try somewhere else.” He then further added that, “I can settle for RMxxx (unstated price). If (the amount) is lower than that, I might as well start selling at a stall.”

The tweet has received a significant amount of reactions among local netizens, with most of them siding with Tony’s point of view on the matter. Not only that, even fellow actor Na’a Murad pointed out that the concerning issue has been ongoing for years.


Tony updated his fans with a series of tweets to address the ongoing issue. According to the theatre activist, he has “been reflecting on recent things and realised my responses on some issues have been rather out of proportion.”

He further continued by saying that the post was never meant to be a “personal attack”, but he assured that there will always be someone hardworking enough to try and get things straight.

He then concluded by apologising to those that were affected by his somewhat controversial statement previously. Feel free to read the thread below:

What do you think of the issue? Do you agree with Tony’s two cents?

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