Andy Lau (刘德华) made headlines this week after rumours circulated that he had a falling out with a younger star while on set.

China Press claimed that the 58-year-old actor was fed up with Chinese singer-actor Xiao Yang for behaving like a diva while filming their upcoming movie, “Sheep Without A Shepherd”.

Andy Lau


The drama first started when the actors on set couldn’t nail a particular scene, much to the dissatisfaction of the director. This slowed production as the scene had to be filmed multiple times. As such, Xiao Yang allegedly drag the day longer when he kept reapplying his makeup.

Since production crew had to accommodate to the younger actor’s demands, Andy was left standing at the side with his props while everyone waited on Xiao Yang. This apparently pissed the seasoned star and a fight broke out. Some even claimed that the duo had to be pulled apart.

Source: Zao Bao

After the news caught fire, Xiao Yang issued a statement on his Weibo saying:

“Brother Hua (the nickname Lau is known for) has been an icon in the film industry. I am extremely grateful to have an opportunity to be in the same production as he is. What was described in the article, about me acting like a diva in front of a superstar, is not true at all.”

The studio has also come forth to deny the rumour saying that the viral clip of them ‘fighting” was taken during filming and is part of the movie’s plot, before adding that they can’t comment any further to protect the film’s storyline.

Source: Weibo

Source: The Star, Toggle.

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