Bae Suzy (배수지) and IZ*ONE’s Jang Wonyoung (장원영)’s concerning physical conditions caused quite a stir among K-pop fans recently.

Yesterday (Tuesday, 19th November), Suzy was seen attending the press conference for her upcoming movie “Baekdu Mountain” (백두산) at the CGV theatre in Apgujeong, Gangnam. During the event, the former miss A member wore an elegant navy blue mid length dress.

Source: The Celeb

One particular thing that managed to catch local reporters’ attention during the event was her curved facial feature. They pointed out how the “Dream High” star looked skinnier than before. It is believed that Suzy has undergone a strict diet plan, which resulted in the alleged change.


They further compared her recent appearance to her attendance during the press conference of her drama “Vagabond”. To quote Koreaboo, Suzy looked “teeny, tiny bit fuller yet as healthy and gorgeous as ever (back during the event)!” Feel free to compare her then-and-now pictures here:

Despite the criticisms, a few fans have came forward to defend the 25-year-old. In this case, the “Holiday” singer was praised for her breathtaking visuals. On the other hand, some also slammed the reporters for bringing up her weight loss topic.

Check out some of their comments here:

  • “Wow amazing look at her smile.”
  • “Suzy is always pretty. Her beauty upgraded with black hair too.”
  • “If they even look a bit puffier, people will criticise them. That’s why the celebrities are so stressed. They’re all skinny when you meet them in real life”
  • “It looks like she just changed her makeup a bit. She’s still the same since her debut days.”
  • “The reporters are the problem. They came up with titles that might invite malicious comments.”

Meanwhile, Jang Wonyoung recently shocked everyone with her apparent hair loss problem. The 15-year-old idol was spotted in a recent V Live video, where she celebrated fellow member Jo Yuri’s birthday with members of the award-winning band.

Based on the photos below, the Produce 48 winner’s bald spot on her head was obvious enough for fans to point that out. It is believed that a great amount of stress from ongoing issue and hectic schedules has in turn effected her health condition negatively.


For the uninitiated, all the girls of IZ*ONE along with members of boy band X1 were technically involved in the Mnet vote rigging scandal. The producer of the “Produce” programme, Ahn Jooyoung, was recently caught red-handed in manipulating the voting results of the final groups for “Produce 48” (IZ*ONE) and “Produce X 101” (X1).

As a result, the “Violeta” hit makers were forced to halt all their scheduled activities as well as postponing their much-anticipated comeback. At the time of writing (Wednesday, 20th November), all the members of the group are currently spending their leisure time at their respective homes in light of the ongoing scandals and rumours circulating.

Are y’all concern for these female idols?

Sources: Koreaboo, Kstarlive.

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