“The Fast and The Furious”, a series about fast cars and crazy actions scenes has been a beloved franchise, as evident by their 8-film run with them set to return with a 9th.

But as much as we enjoy their over the top set pieces, we also came to love the cast in it. And few is as synonymous with the series than, Paul Walker. So much so, that he’s set to appear in the latest film, despite being dead for 6 years.

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The actor in questioned, aged 40, tragically died in a car accident back in 2013. Resulting in a major script change for “Furious 7”. The studio even went as far as bringing in his brothers, Cody and Caleb Walker, to finish up the rest of the movie scenes, with the help of CGI.


This lead to the iconic ending of “Furious 7”, with many feeling like it was a fitting send off for the actor from the series. However, studio executives apparently have other ideas. As Ladbible revealed, a source close to the casting department are looking for a double for the decease actor.

The news was then picked up by Twitter user Daniel Richtman, who then shared the story to his 78.6k followers. This resulted in many fans of the actor and the series getting outrage, despite the news being unconfirmed.

One displeased fan wrote, “This is not only unnecessary but absolutely distasteful and disgraceful.”

“Completely undermining the ending of Fast 7 and Paul himself. Disgraceful,” another user commented.

A follower also commented, “No, Paul’s character Brian had a beautiful sendoff that doesn’t need to be used to gain more money from. It gave us a sense of closure and finality to his and Jordana’s respective characters.”

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Cody previously opened up on reprising Paul’s character, after he helped finished filming “Fruious 7”. Speaking to Metro, he left the door open for his return stating that “anything is possible” with the series.

The new installment titled “Fast And Furious 9”, has already finished filming ealier this month. And is set to release in cinemas on 21st May 2020.

Source: Metro UK.

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