The highly anticipated release of Disney+ is finally here. And with it, their treasure trove of original series and movies from all their studios including Marvel. This means that the service now has all the previous MCU movies available.

But the thing that caught our eyes are the deleted scenes that were included with the movies. This means that we finally get to see the infamous Iron Man’s Soulworld scene in “Avengers: Endgame”.

Source: Hindustan Times

The scene which featured the Tony Stark’s daughter, Morgan Stark, was supposed to be the ultimate send off to the character after the billionaire’s death at the end of the film. “The idea was for her to give him the permission to go,” explained director Joe and Anthony Russo. But it did not work.


The scene sees Tony back in his civilian clothes meeting his grown-up daughter in the red-orange world. He didn’t recognised her at first, but she told him he knows her well. The two then have a conversation about his snap, her future and whether it was the right choice for the father to sacrifice himself.

Morgan then addresses the concerns her father had and tell him that it’s okay for him to go. The scene then ends with the daughter telling her father I love you, to which he replied with the iconic “I love you 3000” line.

The Mary Sue

Look, the effect is one thing but the dialog was delivered in a very awkward manner that made the entire atmosphere feel uncomfortable. Even the iconic “I love you 3000” line that had so much impact before, loses it’s flair. The scene also drags the entire situation longer than it should have.

The biggest problem we had with the scene was the introduction of older Morgan. This causes a major disconnect with the audience who already have a connection with the youngling earlier in the film. This is also the reason that led to the filmmakers to ultimately cut out the scene.

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Do you agree that the cut was for the better?

Source: Screen Rant.

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