Ryan Reynolds has always been a big advocate for his gin company, Aviation Gin. But his latest video did more than just promote the company, as he also took swipes at a fellow superhero actor.

That unfortunate actor in question was none other than Henry Cavill, who portrayed the iconic DC superhero Superman. He starred in 2013’s “Man Of Steel” and was last seen as the red cape wonder in 2017’s “Justice League“.

Henry Cavill
Source: Comic Book

Reynolds’ latest promotion took aim at the comical attempt made by Warner Bros. to use CGI to remove a moustache on Cavill’s face. The attempt received many criticism and laughs from fans and critics alike, when it was first unveiled in the 2017’s “Justice League” film.


At that time, the “Man Of Steel” actor was in contract to shoot the “Mission Impossible: Fallout” film. In the flick, the Brit was portraying a CIA assassin, called Augustus Walker, who also has a moustache. So when the “Witcher” star was called in to shoot some extra scenes for “Justice League, he was contractually obligated to keep the moustache.

The “Mission Impossible” role along with scheduling conflicts between the actor and the studio resulted in the studio forcing to remove the moustache via CGI, which lead to the now viral meme.

The promotion even garnered sympathy from the maker himself, who captioned the video with “Honestly, I’m so sorry about this. @aviationgin @movember“. But that clearly wasn’t enough to stop him from releasing it.

The video quickly spread like wildfire with it now having close to 4 million views. One of them was from the “Superman” actor himself who commented in the Instagram post, “Can’t CGI the pain away….make mine a double.”

Checked out the hillarious video below:

Currently, the two actors are hard at work with the 43-year-old Canadian shooting his upcoming movie “Free Guy”. Meanwhile, the 36-year-old hunk is promoting the new Netflix adaptation called “The Witcher”.

Source: Comic Book. / Featured Image: ET Canada.

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