A Taiwanese YouTuber is being sued after he illegally broke into IKEA in Taiwan and displayed indecent behaviour.

Max Lee, who is also the son of Taiwan actor Lee Hsing-wen, reportedly snuck into the Sinjhuang branch IKEA on 28th October to record a new video for his YouTube channel. His objective? To take on the IKEA challenge.

For the uninitiated, the IKEA challenge is where YouTubers will hide inside the store until it closes. Once the coast is clear, they will come out of their hiding place and theoretically pretend to have IKEA all to themselves.

In the 10-minute video titled “24Hour Challenge – Overnight Inside IKEA”, the young lad showed viewers his secluded spot. After the operation hours, he emerged recorded himself doing all the silly stunts.

He stripped naked then pretended to shower at a bathroom display and defecating on a toilet bowl. A few moments also showed him faking a masturbation in front of a computer display desk. Max also pretended to be an infant and slept in a cot. His other antics include walking on some furniture.

At one point, his movements even triggered the alarm. Amazingly, he proceeded on without being detected even when a guard went to check out the scene. The YouTuber remained in IKEA until the store opened and pretended to be an early customer. After leaving the store, he declared that he had “successfully completed the mission”.

Max only got into trouble after his video went viral on social media. Following an overwhelmingly negative feedback from the public, someone notified IKEA. The store manager, who identifies as Wang, called the cops and pressed charges against Max.

Many criticised the young man for his reckless behaviour and childishness as it could cost someone their job. He was summoned to the police station last Friday (1st November) and was formally charged with indecent conduct and unlawful entry.

Max has since apologised for his stunt and removed the “24Hour Challenge – Overnight Inside IKEA” from his YouTube channel and Facebook page. His father, who is famous for portraying military personnel in a Taiwanese TV series, has expressed disappointment over what happened.

Max, whose YouTube channel is called 馬克斯WillDoIt, has 3940 subscribers with over 289,000 views garnered for the content he has posted so far. The Taiwanese chap is known for recording pranks and posting them online.

Here’s the video re-uploaded by someone else:

P/s: Don’t attempt this or you might end up in jail.

Sources: Next Shark, The Star.

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