Sultan Muhammad V is firing shots back at Rihana Oksana after she lifted the veil of her son’s face to the world.

According to Mail Online (Daily Mail), the former Agong has used the words “cruel”, “evil” and “vindictive” to describe the Russian beauty. He also insisted that those photos do not prove anything.

Source: east2west

The publication claims that the former Agong has examined the exclusive images of Ismail Leon, whom he has never met. Although his ex-wife insists that the newborn child belongs to him and has royal blood, the Kelantan Palace said that those pictures does not prove he’s the biological father and the child could be “the son of any Asian man”.


In addition to Sultan Faris choosing not to acknowledge the tiny tot, Mail Online also reported that he regrets marrying the former beauty queen, saying that it was the “biggest mistake” of his life.

Rihana recently shared that the baby was conceived during their Australia holiday after their Islamic wedding in June 2018, and that the former Agong cried in tears of joy when he found out about her pregnancy. These claims were rubbished by the King’s rep.

A royal insider remarked that Rihana has “no dignity” after old footage from a reality show of her having sex in a swimming pool made its way on the internet. The royal family feels that it’s wrong for Rihana to use an innocent child as a weapon in her divorce settlement.

The reclusive Sultan is now in a new relationship and intends to “have an heir and children with the woman he loves”. In moving forward, Sultan Faris “wants to focus on working hard and helping people in his state to continue his father’s legacy and creating his own happy family”.

Source: east2west

The palace source added:

He said he already moved on with his life and she should stop making fool out of herself and move on as well and find herself new husband. He doesn’t understand why she is pushing herself somewhere where she is clearly not wanted and has deep regrets ever meeting her. He said marrying her was the biggest mistake he ever made as she created enough problems in his professional and personal life by not respecting his wishes for privacy.”

He said she’s trying to make the best out of the situation using his royal status and using his last name to gain a celebrity status which she obviously desired since she entered the tacky reality show and Miss Moscow 2015.”


Sultan Muhammad V

Rihana first met the Sultan Muhammad V in Europe in 2017. Following their secret Islamic ceremony in Kelantan in June, their grand Moscow wedding took place in November 2018. The public spectacle is said to be the trigger of the breakup.

The former flames went separate ways in December 2018 and the former Agong abdicated the throne the next month. Little Leon was born on 21st May 2019. The following month, Sultan Faris divorced Rihana with the Triple Talaq procedure.

Source: Daily Mail.

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