Congratulations to James Wan, 42, who recently got married. The lucky person that managed to steal the heart of the prolific the Malaysian-born Australian director, is none other than actress Ingrid Bisu, who worked with the director in “The Conjuring” spinoff, “The Nun”.

Cheers and congratulations aside. We feel that not a lot of people really know much about the 32-year-old Romanian actress. So in order to enlighten those that are in the dark about her, here are 5 facts about the newly wedded actress.

1. She Co-Wrote The New Horror Movie “Malignant”

Source: Instagram

“Malignant” is the next movie to be directed by “The Conjuring” director, with many horror fans anticipating it’s release. But do you know that the movie will also be a first for the actress, who put pen to paper for a feature film for the first time.


The star’s previous venture into writing involved a web mini-series called “Super Yolo Show” and a talk show called “Cafeaua De Dimineata”, both of which targeted her native country of Romania. So it would be interesting to see what she can do for a wider audience and a different medium.

2. Starred In One Of Romania’s First Sit-Com 

Source: Got Celeb

Bisu’s first major break came in 2003, when she, at the age of 16, did a photoshoot with a teenage magazine called “Cool Girl”. She then landed commercial role with Orange S.A. Mobile, that aired in Israel and Romania. All of these resulted in her getting the part of Flori, in Romania’s first sitcom “Casatorie de proba” (“Probation Marriage”) in 2004.

3. Can Speak 5 languages

Source: Bucharest Apartment

Beside being born to a Romanian and German parents, she attended the prestigious German college “Goethe”. This is where she learn the basic of German language in addition to English, French and Latin. During college, she started acting and won her first audition for an international commercial, with over 300 girls in competing. Ingrid Bisu later enrol in an acting university called Hyperion.

4. Toni Erdman

Ingrid Bisu
Source: Still In Belgrade

Before “The Nun”, the Romanian’s biggest commercial success was from the film “Toni Erdmann” where she played the character, Anca. The film premiered in 2016 at the Cannes Film Festival and went on to be nominated for the Festival Palme d’Or Award. The film also got nominated for the best foreign film category for both Golden Globe Award and Academy Awards.

5. They Hid Their Engagement For 5 Months

The couple announced their engagement on 23rd June, with both of them taking the news to their Instagram accounts. “The Nun” actress let loose that they have been engaged for 5 months but opted to keep the news secret before they were ready. The lovebirds did not disclosed how they got to know each other but Bisu was seen at the premier of “The Curse Of The Weeping Woman” back in April.

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