People would do anything in order to earn extra cash don’t they? JJ Lin (林俊杰) has found himself in a similar situation to Karen Mok (莫文蔚).

Last month, a hotel tried to auctioned off Mok’s used sheets and towels. This time around, some nurses had reportedly put Lin’s drip bag for sale online.

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Shortly after the Singaporean Mandopop singer pulled off his 58th show of his “Another Sanctuary 2.0” concert world tour at Zhen Jiang city in China this past weekend, it was revealed that he was admitted to Zhenjiang First People’s Hospital. He ended up staying for a night due to his flu.


Following his discharge, a number of women in medical uniform visited the room he stayed in. The female staffs were seen taking turns to lie on the bed that JJ Lin had supposedly slept in. The photos and videos taken even made its way online.

JJ Lin
Source: Google Images

That’s not all! One of the hospital staff even went as far as to allegedly sell JJ Lin’s used IV drip bag and needle online. Unsurprisingly, the items were quickly snapped up by a fan. Many netizens have expressed their disgust at the invasion of privacy and the violation towards health and safety standards.

Lin’s agency, JFJ Productions, has released a statement, saying that they deeply regret the leaking of information by staffs who lacked professional ethics. However they are confident that Zhenjiang First People’s Hospital will handle the incident appropriately.

According to reports, the aforementioned hospital has already posted on Weibo that the people responsible have been “suspended and would be dealt with soon” and will be “enforcing professional discipline among its staff members”. Further investigation is also being carried out.

JJ Lin and Karen Mok are the first pop stars to face such unprofessional behaviour though. AsiaOne reported that “a pair of chopsticks used by Canadian-Chinese singer Kris Wu and wet wipes used by actress Angelababy” were previously sold online as well.

Sources: AsiaOne, Mothership SG.

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